F&I Training and Development

Preparing You and Your Staff

We offer a wide range of training for financial and insurance (F&I) products. In both National and local facilities. We train your staff to build value in the products. Training on GAP Protection Programs, Service Contracts, Tire & Wheel Protection, Key Replacement Protection, Paint & Interior Protection and Dent & Scratch Warranty products. We believe a dynamic presentation and full disclosure is the key to success. Our training ensures your staff is prepared to consult on all F&I products and sell with confidence. Choose our staff at StoneBay to help train and develop your F&I staff.

The following represent some of the advantages to our F&I training and development:

  • Helps You and your Team Establish Goals
  • Provide a complete Credit Report explanation and analysis
  • Develops Customer Menus for your store
  • Hands on Training and Learning to you and your Staff
  • Motivational and Directional pay plans
  • Outline the Professional F&I manager’s Responsibilities
  • Word Scripts
  • Objection Handling
  • Enhance Listening Skills
  • Create a Custom Dialogue
  • Teach effective Menu Selling
  • Special Finance Development (Non-Prime)

From helping you maintain F&I logs and records to scheduling workshops and resources, our trained staff at StoneBay Insurance Group is prepared to do it all. To receive a free business evaluation, give us a call today at 301-362-5257.