About Us

StoneBay Insurance Group is a Maryland based company. We specialize in the automotive industry working with F&I, Sales, and Service Departments. We offer personalized training, leadership seminars, and profit analysis. StoneBay strives to increase profitability for auto retail dealers, both franchise and non-franchise.

We provide wealth building tools such as reinsurance, self insure, and retro programs and can even provide a capital advance program.

Department evaluation, real time production reports and analysis allows us to customize goals and establish long term results that benefit the dealer and the consumer.

Our focus is product revenue and compliancy through consistency in F&I presentations. We utilize our underwriter’s expertise and often incorporate them in our training seminars on site.

We are on the leading edge with both technology and support with Smart Payment Plan so your customers can match payments to their paydays and build equity faster.

We strive for maintaining enthusiasm with goal setting, incentive programs and unique pay plans. We want you to differentiate your dealership form your competitors store with our marketing and loyalty programs.

StoneBay has both local and national dealer references.