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Proven results for Automotive Retailers

Our trusted staff at StoneBay Insurance Group serves as casualty, property, and life and health insurance brokers. However our main specialty is assisting automotive retailers. We are based in Fulton, Maryland and we offer our services and products to dealerships nationwide. We specialize in F&I products, Aftermarket products, Sales and Marketing Strategies for F&I, Sales, and Service Departments. We are dedicated to increasing profitability for your franchised or non-franchised dealerships.

You can expect the following when you choose to work with our professional team at StoneBay Insurance Group:

  • Proven results benefiting automotive retailers
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Customized training, profit analysis, and leadership seminars
  • Increase profitability of auto retail dealers

Whether your dealership can benefit from wealth building tools, department evaluation, or being introduced to cost-saving programs and plans, our team at StoneBay Insurance Group can provide the support you need. To receive a free business evaluation or consultation, call us at 301-362-5257.

Increase Your Revenue

StoneBay Insurance Group is dedicated to helping your auto retail enterprise reach its full potential. Once you decide to hire us, we will thoroughly examine and analyse your production reports. Upon completing our detailed evaluation, we will be able to develop short & long-term goals that will help both your dealership and your customers . With the ultimate goal of increasing your product revenue and compliancy, our services are rooted in consistent practices and F&I presentations.

The following represent a sample of the products and services we offer:

  • GAP
  • Event Planning and Sales Travel Incentives
  • Ding Shield
  • Extended Services Contracts
  • Retro Plans
  • Reinsurance Plans
  • F&I Training and Development
  • Road Rage Sales and Services
  • Cilajet
  • Dealership Business Insurance
  • F&I Products and Solutions
  • Repair Order Loan Financing
  • Capital Advance
  • Commercial GAP & VSC
  • Smart Payment Plan

Here at StoneBay Insurance Group, we move numbers. To have our trained staff help make a difference at your auto retailer shop, contact us today at 301-362-5257.