Commercial Gap & VSC

Our TOP 25!

Please see footnotes below*

  1. Fully Insured (by Virginia Surety an A rated carrier) stated in contract
  2. Towing
  3. Roadside Assistance
  4. Trip Interruption
  5. Turbo, Injector, & Water Pump INCLUDED for the entire term of coverage (not an expensive surcharge or option)
  6. Optional EGR valve and DPF coverage
  7. XLT Package (optional starter/alternator/HVAC/compressor, etc.)
  8. Transferability (from owner to owner)
  9. Point-of-sale materials including customer wallet cards
  10. Salesman’s Quick Reference Guide outlining covered components
  11. Service Department Guide to assist in quick claim processing
  12. Claims paid via credit card before units depart your shop
  13. No labor rate max (rates set by market)
  14. Customers can perform own oil changes & maintenance
  15. Advanced computer system for contract creation
  16. Better Business Bureau rating of A+
  17. Actual Cash Value (ACV) claim limit available with our Explorer Program
  18. Highest model year eligibility (up to 12 calendar years with surcharge)
  19. High starting mileage eligibility
  20. Higher mileage coverage in each term
  21. Progressive damage for covered components
  22. No vocational restrictions
  23. No surcharges for automatic or 13 speed or greater transmissions
  24. Low deductible
  25. Competitive rates

*See contract, rate card, dealer agreement and guidelines for full details.

We provide Commercial GAP and Commercial VSC

Commercial GAP Program Details

Maximum GAP Benefit – $50,000
Maximum Loan Amount – Unlimited
Maximum Loan Term – 84 Months
Maximum Vehicle Age – Current plus 8 years prior
MSRP/NADA Limit – 115% Heavy Duty Trucks and 150% for Light & Medium Duty Trucks
Claims Settlement – Primary Carrier Settlement
Deductible Coverage – $1,000 (except where prohibited by state law or lender)
Delinquent Payments – None
Customer Cancellation Fee – $50.00 (where allowed by state law or lender)
Non-uniform payments – Yes
Balloon Loans allowed – Yes
Minimum Net Premium – $5,000 per year

Program Exclusions

Sold after date of sale allowed – No
Excluded Vehicles – All Non Franchise dealer and all exotic vehicles, included but not limited to: Alfa Romeo, Alpina, Ascari, Avanti, Bugatti, Noble, Pagani, Panoz, Saleen, Spyker, TVR, Daewoo, Bentley, Lamborghini, Lotus, Maserati, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Yugo, Aston Martin, Grey Market Vehicles, RV’s and watercrafts (boats). Vehicles used to carry passengers for hire.
State Exclusions – Colorado, Indiana, Montana, Nevada, New York, Oregon and Texas
Buy-Here Pay-Here allowed – No
Salvage or Rebuilt Vehicles – No